“We are a team of talented one-of-a-kind individuals with uncompromising standards. We are proud of our professionalism, individuality, and uncanny ability to assist our clients in achieving their business goals”

- Team RB -


The Unordinary

Being lively, friendly, timely, masterly and worldly all rolled into one.

At Russell Bedford Malaysia, we believe a successful team needs to share the ethos of being lively and, friendly when dealing with clients and one another; masterful and assured when dispensing our unique talents and services; and being both global and local in order to truly understand the needs of our various clients. This complete package is what separates us from our peers. This ethos is what makes us a one-of-a-kind firm that delivers effective and creative solutions to our clients time and time again.

We offer a multitude of tailored solutions to our clients; regardless of size and standing. From multinational corporations and public listed companies to medium sized enterprises; our team is ready to work with you to achieve your business goals.

With a proven track record in servicing our diverse portfolio of clients in Malaysia and around the region, we believe our passion, efficient work methods, attention to detail and a little charm is the secret to our success. And our success is our client’s success. You can rest assured that working with Russell Bedford Malaysia is the best way forward for you and your organisation.

Our Clientele